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Commentary – Got Maps?

Activision wants to make sure you don’t suffer from mapathy, a problem brought about by not having the most up to date maps for Modern Warfare 2. They dole our their scripts $15 at a time time. With MW2 being the sales juggernaut, the first map pack “Stimulus Package” was equally crazy. It set a single day record on XBox Live with over 1 million downloads, culminated in nearly 2.5 million downloads within the first week. I can remember the fiasco with a rash of bad point cards, people calling other people for credit cards borrowing money & almost crashing XBox live servers trying to get the maps.
First off let me say I liked the stimulus package, not loved, but lied. Maps like Crash, Bailout & Overgrown are some of my favorites, but I could do without Storm or Salvage. Now with the newly relased “Resurgance” map pack we get Vacant & Strike, which to me equals awesome, along with three more newcomers. We’ll see how they fare in the long run. My only real question is though, why so soon after the Stimulus Package? I’m still working my latest prescription for mapathy symptoms. I understand Activision wants to make money, but come on guys lighten up a little bit will ya?
How you feel about this, leave us a comment or hit us up on Twitter (@ProjKillscreen & @JinRoh84). See you all on MW2 and don’t forget double XP weekend this weekend

Commentary – It’s All About Service

As a gamer we have a lot of choice on where we spend our money on games. From online retailers, to big chains like Gamestop, to small mom and pop shops. For me, the choice is easy; I frequent a Play n’ Trade that’s operated by a bunch of true gamers that care about their jobs. I tend to stay away from places like Best Buy and Walmart because they don’t give the level of service that I expect. I want legitimate suggestions and recommendations, not someone who’s going to try to push a product on me. I want someone who understands my wants and needs, and can give me a legit opinion weather I should or should not buy this game. Honestly, I like that even if we disagree on platform or game genres, they will give me an honest opinion & view. I want to be helped, not simply “dealt with”. I respect people who take pride in their job and provide the sort of insights that I need to make an informed purchasing decision. For me, it comes down to knowledge and service. That’s why you should support your local game shops & give the business to those that really care for you.


Commentary – Final Fantasy XI, 8 Years Later & Still Going Strong!

This week, Final Fantasy XI celebrates it’s 8th anniversary. Despite it’s old age, and having been up against the unstoppable juggernaut that is World of Warcraft, FFXI is a game that has grown wiser & better with age. Some may call it a poor excuse for an MMORPG, others consider it the black sheep of the Final Fantasy franchise. Call it what you will, but for those of us that have endured with the game, it’s a part of our very lives that will live on with us long after the game has moved on.

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Commentary – Why Video Games & Movies Don’t Mix

Now, lets start off this article by saying that some of the combos aren’t necessarily bad, but some of them aren’t great either. Video games and movies have been around since anyone can remember, but only in the mid 80’s did the two combine to make something so unholy.

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Commentary – Like It’s a Job

I have to say Activision knows their business. The first game I got on Xbox 360 was Call of Duty 4 and that was it, I was hooked. I now own Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, the original Call of Duty & just picked up World at War. Once I master the later I’ll be getting 2 and 3. It’s like a drug you can’t put down. I wasn’t an FPS guy at first, I came from driving and fighting games primarily. Now I live on MW2 multiplayer unless I am beating a different game. They have found a way much like World of Warcraft, Starcraft and many games ahead of them known for their replay value.  To be honest I bought the COD series to beat the campaign for gamer score then head to multiplayer. I have to get that challenge done, I have to unlock that title or emblem like it’s a job, then I enter “prestige mode”. What is this you may ask? Well once you get to the highest level you can attain, you start from scratch and do it all over again until you’ve done it ten times. Then you’re finally playing for the fun of playing, least until the next game comes out & you start the cycle all over again. They have gotten gamers to the point where they are grinding it out, doing things they hate, and playing games they dislike or using weapons they can’t stand for the hell of it. That’s how you measure yourself against your competition. I remember playing COD 4 and hearing first well I’m a gold cross, then well I’m a level 55 gold cross, then well I’m a level 55 with all the golden guns. Finally it got to the point I had every challenge completed. I thought, wow you aren’t getting any points, you are just playing to play. I see both good & the bad in it.  I remember playing just to play, not for any other reason. At the same time though I like the thought of advancement playing for a purpose. Whatever side of the coin you fall on COD has a home for you. Some people play to pwn and others like me play like it’s a job. Where do you find yourself? tell us on Twitter @jinroh84 and @ProjKillscreen. Hopefully we will see you on live I’ll be the one going 3 more kills then I can switch guns.

– Larry

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