Netflix Pick of the Month – Real Genius

Our Netflix Pick of the Month is the 1986 sci-fi comedy Real Genius. The movie features Val Kilmer in one of his earlier roles as Chris Knight, a Genius college student who creates a powerful new laser, one which the military wants to use for nefarious purposes.

The film opens with a video presentation in which a space-based laser weapon incinerates a man from orbit with pinpoint precision. The CIA, wanting this as a “peacetime” weapon, contracts Professor Jerry Hathaway (played by William Atherton to develop the weapon. Along with several of his most brilliant students, Professor Hathaway enlists the help of 15-year-old math prodigy Mitch Taylor (Gabriel Jarret) to help with the project. Loads of student hi jinks and hi-tech gadgetry come into play throughout the film, as well as some teen-aged romance along the way between Mitch and Jordan (played by Michelle Meyrink). After the laser is completed, it gets stolen by the professor for CIA use, but in the end, the students get a measure of payback against their wayward mentor.

Overall, it’s a great film, with a lot of out of this world gadgetry & a good dose of student romance. There’s a good dose of humor throughout the film, and the ending is one of the funniest scenes around. Hope you got enough popcorn to go around, cause this is a fun little popcorn flick that you’ll enjoy to the end!


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