Commentary – Got Maps?

Activision wants to make sure you don’t suffer from mapathy, a problem brought about by not having the most up to date maps for Modern Warfare 2. They dole our their scripts $15 at a time time. With MW2 being the sales juggernaut, the first map pack “Stimulus Package” was equally crazy. It set a single day record on XBox Live with over 1 million downloads, culminated in nearly 2.5 million downloads within the first week. I can remember the fiasco with a rash of bad point cards, people calling other people for credit cards borrowing money & almost crashing XBox live servers trying to get the maps.
First off let me say I liked the stimulus package, not loved, but lied. Maps like Crash, Bailout & Overgrown are some of my favorites, but I could do without Storm or Salvage. Now with the newly relased “Resurgance” map pack we get Vacant & Strike, which to me equals awesome, along with three more newcomers. We’ll see how they fare in the long run. My only real question is though, why so soon after the Stimulus Package? I’m still working my latest prescription for mapathy symptoms. I understand Activision wants to make money, but come on guys lighten up a little bit will ya?
How you feel about this, leave us a comment or hit us up on Twitter (@ProjKillscreen & @JinRoh84). See you all on MW2 and don’t forget double XP weekend this weekend

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